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Optel provides you with extensive inspection and/or verification vision solutions based on your own specific needs, whether your products require identification through codes marked directly on the parts or only at the packaging level.

Plus, we can customize your solution based on your level of IT integration and degree of automation of your product packaging workflow.  

No matter if your devices are re-usable or disposable, produced in large or small quantities, our solutions can be tailored to your needs by including a wide variety of customized line elements, such as cameras, handheld scanners or 1D to 3D scanners.

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By Inspected Component

Inspecting your products, printing and packages.

By Level of IT Integration

Managing data at the station, line or site level.

By Packaging Workflow

Conveying, tracking and rejecting.

By inspected component

Click on the inspection solution that best suits your needs. Each of these can then be adapted according to your IT environment and packaging workflow.


UDI-compliant solution providing efficient inspection, verification and grading of marks etched or printed directly on medical parts.


UDI-compliant solution used to inspect and verify the print quality on medical device packaging material, including flexible web, labels, pouches, blisters and any […]


Solution for the inspection and verification of packaging integrity as well as content confirmation.

By level of IT Integration

All of our inspection and verification solutions are offered in a variety of IT integration levels to fit your particular environment. Whether you need local control only, a connection to your ERP/MES or a complete, centralized solution to control all your floor stations – we will come up with the perfect option.


Powerful character and barcode recognition algorithms for OCR/OCV inspection, dimensioning, counting and grading in stand-alone packaging stations, where lot recipes are entered manually.


Includes all the features of the OMProdigy™ and adds IT connections to your ERP or MES information management system to automate lot control of a continuous-flow line.


Includes all the features of the OMVirtuoso™ and adds the ability to act as a real-time data aggregator to streamline interactions with your information system ─ all from one central location.

By Packaging Workflow

We have a wide range of line equipment available to cater to different applications and packaging workflow configurations, whether you work in single stations, continuous line or broken workflows. Learn more by clicking on the categories below.

Single Station

Your inspection solution can be further optimized by adding some of our line equipment, especially suited to this environment.

Continuous Line

For your continuous flow, our adapted line equipment can also be included in the design to result in a perfect inspection solution.

Broken Workflow or Multiple lots

For these unique environments, the addition of our proven line equipment will provide you with a world-class inspection solution adapted to your flow.

Solutions tailored to your needs