New Industry.
Proven Expertise.

Now applied to medical devices and their packaging

Vision inspection and traceability solutions for medical devices

Optel provides customized inspection automation solutions that comply with device identification regulatory requirements.

Our team is dedicated to creating world-class solutions that will allow you to achieve your production and regulation compliance goals related to the inspection, verification and tracking of medical devices and their packaging ─ exclusively for your benefit.

Leveraging nearly 30 years of Track & Trace expertise, we are well-positioned to provide you with customizable, cost-effective and reliable traceability solutions.

A Team of Specialists

Helping you through the challenges of UDI compliance

Our dedicated team of specialized and cross-functional experts will help you navigate through compliance requirements and nuances.

By default, Optel experts develop solutions that are customizable, reliable and cost-effective. In addition, they are specially designed not only to meet current traceability requirements, but also to easily adapt to future legislation.

UDI regulations will evolve over time and will also include regional variations. Our team has the expertise to help you define and implement agile and scalable solutions to protect your capital investment.

our core expertise

A true understanding of device identification complexities

Perfected over nearly three decades, our core expertise resides in the development and integration of innovative vision inspection, verification and traceability technologies for regulation compliance. 

Our finely tuned process for successful project management and integration of complex, custom-designed systems, gives us the unique ability to tailor our current solutions to our customers. Integrating these solutions in a timely and efficient manner is key in order to meet the regulatory requirement deadlines.

These key points, along with our deep understanding of the challenges you are facing to ensure regulation compliance, make us the ultimate partner for your UDI implementation project.

A Value-Added Experience

Let us make the difference
  • Recognized expertise and experience in solutions development
  • A team of experts who truly understand your reality and challenges
  • Critical mass of experts in all key fields: vision, software development and traceability
  • Successful track record integrating even the most complex and advanced technologies
  • Proven project management methodology for custom design
  • Extensive technical and field support team

Project Management Process

A finely tuned machine.

UDI regulations come with implementation deadlines. Step-by-step management of the development and integration process, based on sound and adapted technological choices, is key in meeting your timeline.

Optel designs solutions based on its proprietary products or best-in-class, third-party components and assumes first-line responsibility for the integration process. We have all the in-house expertise and experience required to provide personalized guidance, take on the entire project and guarantee its success. With cross-functional specialists at every phase of the project, we work with you throughout the entire development and integration process ─ overseen every step of the way by capable, tech-savvy project managers.

Take a detailed look at each of the 11 steps of our time-proven project management process.


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